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Ways to support local small businesses during COVID-19

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February 28, 2020
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Ways to support local small businesses during COVID-19

Our small businesses are the backbone of our Downtown neighborhood and what make this pocket of Fargo so unique. We need now more than ever to fight for these businesses to make sure that after the COVID-19 crises they will still be around to make Downtown Fargo a vibrant place that is worth visiting, living, playing and working in! Below you will find some easy ways to support small business including ideas that don't require you to spend anything! Visit our sister site FM Strong for other great ways to support local businesses! #FMstrong #Downtownstrong

Buy a Gift Card

A simple act to not only infuse a small business with some much needed cash, but also a promise that you will still patronize them when this is all over.

Take a fitness class online!

Many of our locally owned fitness centers are now offering their group classes in an online setting. Take part in their live or recoded classes! If you can, keep paying your membership or part of your membership to keep staff employed and keep your favorite gym from closing. .

Be great! Donate!

Our local charities and non-profits are being hit hard. Many of these organizations only make money through charity events or through other events that gather people together. Find a non-profit that ha made a difference in your community and find out how to donate. Many non-profits like the museums and zoo have memberships that you can purchase. This helps them with cash flow now and later you can benefit from the membership perks!

Be Social(but online)

Not all of us are in a position to buy from our favorite small business or make a donation. But we all have social media and we can still make a difference to our small businesses by liking and sharing their pages and posts. By liking and sharing you help that businesses posts be more likely to be seen on social media and may help drive a sale if the right person sees the post. Also don't hesitate to leave some glowing reviews for your local businesses! This can help them be found more easily in searches!

Reschedule, Don't cancel,

Instead of cancelling your appointment at your spa, hairstylist or massage therapists reschedule for a later date. Helping by prepaying up front to ensure your favorite service provider will still be there later.
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