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January 19, 2019
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Valentines Day Downtown!

Valentines day! Love it or hate it V-day rolls around every February 14th. This year embrace the holiday and do something fun with friends or your significant other.

Friends Night Out: 

Single and ready to mingle? Have a lonely hearts progressive dinner! What is a progressive dinner you ask? Its all the different courses of a meal all in separate places. Downtown Fargo is the perfect place to do this! With many bars, restaurants, and desert places nearby, you don’t have to travel far to all your stops. 

1. Start at your favorite bar and grab a pre-dinner drink

2. Move on to the next place and grab an appetizer to share with the group. 

3. Next up is the main course at a restaurant. Splurge on someplace fancy or keep it low key! 

4. Last but surely not least move on to post dinner dessert! 

Date Night: 

Try something out of the ordinary this valentines. 

1.Instead of dinner and drinks try a sugar date! Sample ice cream from one of the downtown ice cream shops like Scoop and Dough and Silver Linings. Afterwards visit Unglued and pick each other out candy and gummies! 

2. Test how strong your relationship is and how well you work together as a team at Puzzled Escape Rooms. Use each others strengths to beat the puzzle! 

3. Indulge in some coffee or hot cocoa from one of the many coffee shops downtown such as 20 Below, Moxie Java, Beans, Stumbeanos, and Atomic Coffee. Get your drink to go and wander Downtown to enjoy the lights and pop in and out of the Downtown shops. 

4. Pick a shop Downtown and shop separately for your Valentines Day gifts. Support a small business and get something memorable for one and other. 

Events To Enjoy On Valentines day!

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