Support Local during COVID-19 - Downtown Community Partnership

Support Local during COVID-19

🌟 Make a difference today! Below you can find ways to support our local independent small businesses!🌟

Shop to Support Small Business

Buy one of our curated boxes to support small businesses in Downtown Fargo. Each box will include 4 to 5 items carefully selected from businesses Downtown to bring you or someone special joy. With the purchase of a Downtown Fargo box you are helping small businesses keep their doors open and keeping people employed!

Support our Mission!

The Downtown Community Partnership needs the support our our community now more than ever! As a 501(c)6 non-profit we are here to support the small businesses in Downtown Fargo and promote the neighborhood to make it a vibrant, healthy city center.
With the COVID-19 crisis affecting all aspects of our operations we are asking for your support so we can continue our mission of making the heart of Fargo a thriving and exciting place for our whole community to enjoy!

Ways to support:
-Sponsor a small businessr
-Sponsor a "Gift Card Blitz"
-Sponsor an event
-Sponsor boosted posts
-And More!

Using your Downtown Fargo Gift Cards

Use your Downtown Fargo Gift Cards over the phone by following these simple steps!
1. Take out your Downtown Fargo gift Card and call the number on the back of the card(1.800.755.8713)
2. Tell the EML representative that you would like to make a purchase over the phone at your local small business and ask for THE CREDIT CARD INFO ASSOCIATED WITH THE CARD.
3. The EML representative will ask for the 16 digit number on the back of your card and also for the security code in the lower left hand corner of the card.
4.After confirming information from your card they will provide you with the credit card number, CVV, and expiration date that will allow the small business to manually enter the card info into their register.
5. You can now use your Downtown Fargo Gift Card to pay for your purchase of items or food from the list of participating retailers,
*Participation businesses can be found at
*Downtown Gift Cards can only be used at the listed businesses
*You cannot tip with the card. Tips must be left with cash or on another form of payment.
**Please check your balance before purchasing. If your balance is less than the purchase total the business will do a split tender transaction using the balance on the gift card and the rest of the total on another form of payment. Website

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Stay in the Know

Follow our social media channels to stay up tp date with all the happenings in Downtown Fargo. We are constantly staying in touch with the businesses downtown and sharing their updates, sales, and events! Let us do the work searching out what Downtown is up to and you can find it all in one place on our Facebook and Instagram pages!