VAVA Boutique by Cheryl Lee Creations (Sherry Bosh)

I have always been a maker/creative from a young age, from sewing to drawing, home decor you name it, I loved to do it, but opening a boutique was never anything I had planned to do. In January, 2008, I created a tee shirt and necklace for a fundraiser, from the moment I got my hands on the jewelry tools, limitless jewelry components and endless SPARKLE, I was addicted! It become my “Necessary Obsession” I started selling my jewelry at some local shops, I also started my very first website,

The desire and dream for my own shop came to fruition May 2008, VAVA Boutique was born! The boutique was located near Fargo’s historic 8th Street area, later I relocated to downtown Fargo until 2012 before opening a shop in lakes country in the quaint Cormorant Village, MN.

It is with much excitement I am happy to announce, I will be moving my boutique to a brand new location and store  in Fargo late 2018. It still amazes me how fast the past ten years have flown by! I have met so many wonderful people, loyal customers and supporters of my passion, for each and everyone, I am grateful and blessed.

Thank you!

Cheryl Lee (Sherry)

You can shop the online boutique 24/7 from the comfort of home, the boutique will feature my handmade jewelry, manufactured clothing brands, paired with my handmade goods.

The boutique will be an Event and Pop Up Shop, during the  holiday season more hours and days will be added.

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New Location!