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Twenty Below Coffee

Our Vision


Coffee, and more so the relationships forged in coffee establishments, played crucial roles in the lives of the Twenty Below team. We believe that coffee has the potential to be a catalyst for sincere friendship to take root and grow.

Our short-term goal is to be a radically inclusive establishment; a place that people are attracted to, not only for the hand-crafted beverages and inviting atmosphere, but also because they feel valued and known.

Paired with this goal of bringing the highest caliber of coffee and community to our beloved city of Fargo, ND is the goal of strengthening community in the countries we are receiving our coffee from.

Our long-term goal is to develop direct-trade relationships with coffee farmers in order to maximize their profit, product quality, and relationship with others in their community.

We are taking strides towards this long-term goal by partnering directly with the Farmers/Cooperatives when possible and by working with the most ethical importers, and purchasing Fair Trade Organic coffees when it is not. Importing coffee is expensive and difficult, but we hope to slowly learn what it will take to make more direct-trade relationships possible.

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