The Dogfather Mobile Eatery

Both Northsiders at birth…he grew up on the North side of Chicago in Roger’s Park and she grew up on the North side of Fargo. College brought her to Illinois and their chance meeting in a Chicago dive bar kept her there.

They were married in 2005, had 2 beautiful daughters and thought their path was set…but life had other plans for them. After working for many years as a firefighter/paramedic, he was hurt on the job and it resulted in a career-ending injury. A change was on the horizon. He applied and was accepted to Nursing School and halfway through his last year, her mom passed away suddenly in Fargo. Life and everything in it became much clearer and they made the tough decision to leave Chicago and re-locate to Fargo.

He began a new career in the emergency room at Sanford and she became a Realtor. And while they both love their jobs…they knew that something was missing. Having always loved good food and missing their Chicago favorites…they took the leap and began to research the mobile food industry. Their food cart, The Dog Father, set up shop in late May 2016 and served up hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and sausages all summer – just outside the employee entrance at the downtown Sanford location.  It was open to the public, but was also an intentionally convenient location for Sanford employees.

With 2016 under their belts and a huge success…they moved on to bigger things and launched their food truck in May 2017. While she will continue to help people find homes and he will continue to help with life-threatening situations in the ER…they will also both dedicate their summers to another form of helping others—introducing and providing Chicago-style food to hungry diners.

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