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A native North Dakotan, Shanna Lee left her home state in 1985 to “see the world”, and that she did. As a Flight Attendant for 10 years, she saw and experienced much that life has to offer. It was during these 10 years that she developed a passion for her newfound favorite hobby, perusing boutiques and shops across the globe.

Shanna’s second career took her into the world of professional golf as an Apparel Executive in both men’s and women’s golf clothing. As Director of Retail for a high-profile resort in Dallas, her experience began to mount as a buyer and merchandiser. She then moved to the manufacturing and sales side of the golf apparel industry and over the next 10-year span, put her talents to work in sales, design, marketing and managing a national sales force..

Shanna coordinated golf apparel at smaller PGA Tour events as well as several Majors. It was at these venues that she realized that men have a real fear when it comes to buying gifts for the women in their lives. She sees a major niche to assist these men, first of all, with just remembering the date; then selecting the right items that will ultimately make the world a much happier place!

After reaching as far as I cared to go, there came a realization that I was ready to pool my cumulative life experience, draw on it and go for what I believe is my personal calling.” This natural progression would become the creation of SHANNALEE, a women’s boutique, offering apparel, accessories and gift items from many of the talented designers, artists and mentors she had the privilege to work and play with, but more importantly, learn from.

Where then, she asked, to launch chapter three? A fitting scenario would be to come full circle and bring back to her home state, all of her experiences to share with the women and men of North Dakota, a perfect setting to establish nationwide headquarters for SHANNALEE, Inc.

“Personally, it was always a sore subject when I told people that I was from North Dakota, usually the responses were unfavorable.”That never sat well with Lee, so what she calls the “rebel in her” helped determine that it was time to come home.

“I want to do my small part and join those who have already brought a new level of products and services to North Dakota. I believe Downtown Fargo is the perfect venue for SHANNALEE, — “the new direction of retail”, small boutiques in revitalized city centers. Today’s new wave of young merchants and shopkeepers are realizing that as before us, if you focus on superior client service and dovetail that with a unique mix of products that aren’t worn by all or purchased on every traffic-filled street corner strip mall in suburban America, the pure pleasure of shopping will return to the American consumer, hungry for the ambiance of yesteryear.”


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