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Natalie Sparrow Management

Natalie Sparrow has a vision and encourages others to see things are
possible, especially in Fargo. She works with the Apparel/Textile college intern students
to help them seek future opportunities in the Fargo/Moorhead area and if they don’t see
the opportunities – create it! Sparrow is focused into “how can we do it” rather than “if
we can” and finds a way to make every opportunity work.


ABOUT LAUNCHING THE AGENCY: During one of her board meetings, a
business affiliate advised Natalie to start a model/talent agency in the community. After
months of research, she launched the expansion of Ultimate Image – Model & Talent
Management (now listed as Natalie Sparrow Mgmt) in the spring of 2001. Sparrow
wanted to provide a program that empowered people and helped them grow as beautiful
people, inside and out. She also wanted to provide a program that opened opportunities,
nationwide, to honest and legitimate companies within the industry; an industry that is
filled with many dishonest people. Sparrow found the model/talent agency to be
challenging and realized the opportunities in the Midwest were limited, she decided to
create programs that would allow models/talent to participate in hands-on opportunities
to help them gain the knowledge in this industry.

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