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Flint Communications

We’ll give you our “all in.”

It guides our every move. It pushes our thinking. It fuels our ideas. And sometimes, it keeps us up at night. Your success is really all we think about.

We’re here to solve problems. And because we’ve built our company around specialty and industry knowledge, no matter the marketing communication challenge, we have the depth and breadth to take it on.

At Flint Group, we’re all in for partnering on your goals. All in for doing what’s right. All in for your success.


Rooted in an era of trust

Our story began when Harold Flint founded Flint Communications in 1946. It was the Mad Men era, when trust was second nature and a handshake over a martini lunch was as good as a contract.

We acquired Grand Forks agency Simmons Advertising in 1998 and Duluth-based Westmoreland Advertising in 2000 – agencies that were formed in the same era under the same values system. In 2003, St. Cloud-based Hatling & Thomas joined Flint, further expanding our footprint.

We’ve proven that a roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic and fresh thinking is the key to success – yours, that is.

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