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About Us

BNG provides SMB’s with invaluable services, including credit card processing, point-of-sale systems, premium website development, marketing services, an automated billing software, and insurance services.


Our story started in 2004 with three college friends attending North Dakota State University. As self-starters, they fell in love with the idea of being entrepreneurs and dropped out of college. From there, they began working to support local businesses in small North Dakota towns with payment processing services.


BNG Team’s roots are entrenched in the payment processing industry, and all their services grew from their experiences in the industry. The founders decided to start their own payments processing business after years of being independent salespeople. They were driven by the desire to change the industry and operate without unethical business practices, such as overcharging small merchants.


·        BNG Payments: Payment Processing

·        ConnectBooster: Automated Billing Software

·        BNG Design: Marketing & Web Design

·        BNG Point-of-Sale: Point-of-Sale Systems

·        OnPoint Insurance Services: Independent Insurance Agency

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