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OpGo and the Marketing Engine

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OpGo and the Marketing Engine

In today's blog we talk with our member OpGo Marketing who has been in the Downtown Fargo neighborhood for a little over a year but is already taking on projects that help drive business in the area. We first met Tiffanie and her team in the Black Building while walking through preparing for an event and were lucky enough to learn more about what they do and have them join our membership. Since joining the Downtown Community Partnership OpGo has spoken about marketing topics at two of our member meetings and helped to plan the 2019 "Holidays are Happier Here" campaign to promote shopping, eating and experiencing Downtown Fargo during the holidays. The founder Tiffanie will also be a featured speaker at an upcoming meeting where she will be doing a deeper dive into marketing for small businesses. We reached out to Tiffanie to learn a little more about the company and what sets them apart from other marketing agencies.
When was OpGo founded:
OpGo Marketing was founded October of 2015.

Who was it founded by:
Tiffanie Honeyman. Native of North Dakota. (Graduate of West Fargo High School, Bachelor’s in Business with a focus in marketing.)
Why did OpGo come to be?:
The long-term vision for OpGo is predictive ROI on marketing investments. We are still working on that with our long-term customers. OpGo was started with the help of a grant program, Innovate ND. The funds were provided to us to build software that helps us measure the ROI of marketing investments. We worked with Codelation (local software development company) on the software piece and are working on the next phase (predictive end). The main concept is marketing companies need to be held accountable to results and businesses with the most potential should be able to ramp up more quickly (Mitigate risk with bigger marketing investments.) There should be an explanation for every dollar spent—and that explanation is part of the service we provide.

Where was the First OpGo office?:
It was started in my home office, then Regus in South Fargo. Once we became approved for Innovate ND, we moved into the Incubator building on 19th Ave North. (NDSU Research and Technology Park) We now have a second office on 1st Ave and University North.
What makes OpGo stand out from its competition?
We focus on margins first. And we pay attention to the competition. We want the business to grow, so we set goals that our team tracks consistently. We listen to what the customer needs and then we provide solutions based on their needs. For larger accounts, we offer long-term consultant-retainer services (based on the need). For businesses that don’t need that much support, we have a separate form for digital campaigns. This streamlines the digital support and allows businesses access to professional services on a smaller budget.

What are the team’s favorite projects to work on?
It depends who you ask. And I have asked—from day one I try to align them with their passions. If you ask Ian, he is pumped about the forecasting/predictive end of our services. If you ask Tara, she is strict about providing consistency with all aspects of the brand and likes to work on larger accounts. Others love small businesses and really enjoy brainstorming and idea generation. I personally am hooked on reaching annual goals (It’s gamification--I love creating and watching the dashboards.)
Why did OpGo move downtown?
We want to feel “connected” to the heart of our community. By being downtown, we are able to walk to various restaurants for team lunches, participate in downtown events, learn about other businesses and it all adds to the culture of OpGo. What is the team's favorite part of having an office in Downtown Fargo? Food! There are more options all the time. We love to do lunches as a team and try new places.

What does the future hold for OpGo?
We hope to expand our consultant base in order to serve more businesses. We’re not a typical “full-service” marketing agency. The consultant model only allows for each consultant to work with about 8 businesses. So, we are looking to add more consultants to the team and hope to open a location near Minneapolis within the next year.

Explain the logo, why a cog?
The “cog” or gear in our logo represents that we are only one part of a bigger engine that brings success to a business. When we do discovery sessions, we talk about the other gears (sales, customer service, product quality) that need to be functioning properly in addition to the marketing.

Thank you to OpGo Marketing for being a member of the Downtown community and making it a fun and vibrant place to work! To learn more about OpGo and their variety of marketing services visit https://opgomarketing.com/
A Downtown Fargo enthusiast who turned her passion for the area into a full time job. Sharing her love for downtown with you so that Downtown Fargo can become your neighborhood, no matter where you live.

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