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Member Spotlight:Prairie Roots Food Co-op Has Groceries For All!

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Member Spotlight:Prairie Roots Food Co-op Has Groceries For All!

This bio is provided by Prairie Roots Food Coop! You can find them downtown on the corner of University and Main. Learn more about this member below and give them a visit to see all their unique offerings!

Prairie Roots Food Co-op officially opened it’s doors in 2017 at our current location but the members of our organization have deep roots in the FM Food Community.

Prairie Roots is a community-owned grocery store in downtown Fargo that offers a full-service Deli as well. We are dedicated to enhancing our community by providing access to natural, organic, and locally produced food.

Prairie roots is open to everyone in our community as a great place to do your grocery shopping and as a community center. Our owners are also members of the community, they receive additional perks like 10% off twice a month, owner deals on special items monthly and access to special pricing. We encourage everyone to consider becoming an owner if they are able.

As a relatively new entity downtown we’re excited for the opportunity to learn and grow with regards to our products and services to continue to serve our customers unique needs. While some things will remain consistent we’ll continue to try new things in our deli and offer seasonal items especially in regards to produce.

While many people come to us for their regular grocery shopping we also have many unique things to offer. Our produce section features many items from local producers and in the deli you’ll find amazing food we cook in our kitchens, including daily items for vegans and gluten-free customers. We have all-natural health and wellness products as well as eco-friendly cleaning products and more. We have a very helpful staff on hand to help guide you through a difficult decision or find a product you’re looking for.

Being Community owned we have a special connection with our customers and we really work hard to try to provide special service to customers. You won’t find this combination of homegrown and locally sourced foods anywhere else in Fargo.

Downtown Fargo is a gathering place where people come together to connect with each other around common interests, this really helps us serve our purpose in the community as a gathering place. This makes downtown a great spot for Prairie Roots to be. The neighborhood we chose for our store has no full-service grocery options nearby, by planting ourselves here we’re able to serve people in our community who weren’t able to access healthy foods easily.

To learn more about the coop visit their site at:
1213 NP Ave. Suite 100
Fargo, ND 58102
Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm
Sunday 9am-6pm
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