Great Northern Bicycles welcomes Detroit Deli to Downtown Fargo - Downtown Community Partnership

Great Northern Bicycles welcomes Detroit Deli to Downtown Fargo

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Great Northern Bicycles welcomes Detroit Deli to Downtown Fargo

Excerpt from Julie Walsh, Owner of Detroit Deli

We opened in the Great Northern Bicycle Company mid December, Detroit Deli started out as a food truck in the summer months and we have been looking for a home to work out of during the winter and to have space for production during the summer. Tom and everyone at the bike shop have been amazing and so welcoming. We love partnering with a business that has such a strong and important role in our community. We really felt our missions where very similar: help people lead a healthier life style. Detroit deli’s main focus will always  be the truck, but the summers are so short here we wanted a little spot where we can still offer the downtown community some great tasting food during the winter and summer months. We are so comfortable in our little spot in the bike shop its exactly what we where looking for, and we are super exited for the warm weather to grace us because not only will the truck be rolling, we will offer the downtown a beautiful patio option! Detroit Deli has felt nothing but love and support from the foodie community, we just want to keep bringing happiness through our food and be a positive part of the community. We have a small but wonderful staff that includes: Julie Walsh the owner, Dan Shaw, Julie’s right hand man who will take over running the cafe in spring and our ever important jack of all trades, delivery driver, Amanda Nelson. Each person is so important to the success of our business.  Our Menu at the cafe is similar to the menu on the truck, except the sandwiches are smaller and in a panini style, but you can of course receive the same great quality that you have come to expect from Detroit Deli.

If you want to try out the deli, check out the hours and menu below:
Hours: 11-3, Monday Thru Wednesday

Where: Inside Great Northern Bicycle Company at 425 Broadway N.

Winter hours, until end of March

Phone orders: 313-701-0885

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