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Eating My Way Through Downtown With Fargo Food Tours

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Eating My Way Through Downtown With Fargo Food Tours

Downtown Fargo may have a small footprint but there is a lot to explore! As a longtime Downtown enthusiast, I thought I knew Downtown Fargo. That is until I met Meghan and took the Iconic Fargo Food Tour through Fargo Food Tours. I was invited to try out the tour by the owner Meghan, an NDSU graduate from the Hospitality and Tourism Management program and an active employee of the Fargo Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau. Meghan works full time promoting the cities of Fargo-Moorhead at the CVB and her nights and weekends are spent studying up on Fargo history and researching restaurants and their most iconic foods. After all this studying and preparation she has now launch Fargo Food Tours, a tour company focusing on the great eats and history that this town has to offer!

Meeting Under the Fargo Theatre Sign, Mehgan in the street going the extra mile for a group photo

Our group met Meghan under one of the most iconic landmarks in Fargo, The marquee of the Fargo Theatre. From there Meghan Introduced herself, told us what to expect on the tour, and had us raise our right hand and take a solemn Midwestern vow promising to try local food. We then proceeded to our first of 6 food stops for the day. I won’t share too much about the stops because I don’t want to ruin the fun of the surprise, but I will share that we had 2 locations that served sweets and 4 locations that had savory eats. At each food stop our tour guide shared the history of the restaurant, the building it was in, and what the establishment was known for. Then we sampled some of the restaurants most popular dishes. I absolutely loved everything we tried and I could easily see why these restaurants were iconic and why the foods we tried were customer favorites. After visiting all 6 eateries I was very full and didn’t need to eat until later that night, you definitely get your money worth!

I didn’t know exactly what to expect with this tour, but what I was pleasantly surprised me was that the tour was about more than just going restaurant to restaurant eating food. Meghan seamlessly incorporated into her tour the history and landmarks of Downtown Fargo as well as took us to some famous Downtown Fargo hidden murals. I loved learning about the artists that made the murals and how they came about. It was fun to finally know how to get to some of the murals that I have seen on other peoples Instagrams and wondered where they were. We had plenty of time at each mural as well to get a fun picture in front of these urban artworks so we too could prove we were there!

I would highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting from out of town that wants to fill 3 hours and get a guided tour of Downtown Fargo. It’s a great way to get your bearings and Meghan had a wealth of knowledge about the area and gave some great ideas on what to do after you were done with her tour. While taking the tour on foot you were able to pick out shops and experiences you wanted to go back to later and other restaurant options you might want to try for dinner. Even as a local you would enjoy this tour and find there is a lot you maybe don’t know about Downtown Fargo or find some hidden gems you did not know existed. Fargo Food tours make it fun and easy to try new places all the while having a great time with friends or meeting new people. On my tour, I did not know the other people in the group, but with the format of the tour, it was easy to get to know them and swap information and ideas with my new acquaintances.

The Owner and Guide Meghan explaining a future Downtown Fargo development project

I left after the tour feeling full, knowledgeable, and ready to come back another night with friends or family to share what I learned and introduce them to some of the things I tried!

If you go:

-Currently running the Iconic Fargo Food Tours Saturday’s from 11 am to 2 pm

-$50 per person(Worth it!)

-Book in advance at

-Wear comfortable walking shoes

-Dress for the weather, you will be outside about a 3rd of the time.

-Come with an empty stomach, an open mind, and be ready for a good time!

Find Fargo Food Tours on Facebook:

Come for the food tour, Stay for the rest of Downtown Fargo.
A Downtown Fargo enthusiast who turned her passion for the area into a full time job. Sharing her love for downtown with you so that Downtown Fargo can become your neighborhood, no matter where you live.

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