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Downtown InFocus: Planning the future in the heart of Fargo

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Downtown InFocus: Planning the future in the heart of Fargo

As the business center, entertainment district, and historical center, Downtown Fargo is the beating heart of our city. For those that have lived in Fargo for years we have seen how much Downtown has changed in the last 10,15, and 20 years. The question now is” What is the future of Downtown Fargo?”. The City of Fargo set out to answer that question and started working with an outside consulting company Interface Studio to dive into what strengths and weaknesses Downtown Fargo has and how these can be addressed to continue the evolution of our city center.

The project started in July of 2016 with data collection on housing, transportation, open space, infrastructure, retail, services, the arts, jobs, social services, and more. After data collection was complete the next step was getting public input. This allowed the consulting firm to know how Downtown saw itself and what people wanted to see in their Downtown of the future. They did this through surveys, focus groups and several open house events. Through the research and public input, the Downtown InFocus plan was created!

Area of focus based on data collected
Source:Downtown InFocus Plan

What is the Downtown InFocus Plan?

A comprehensive guidebook for the City of Fargo, Downtown residents, Downtown investors, and advocates to follow to ensure a vibrant future for this neighborhood. This guide is made up of 7 specific goals to organize the strategies.

  1. Grow as a Neighborhood: Invest in housing and maintain diversity while growing the population living Downtown.
  2. Prosper as a business center: Increase the number and types of jobs Downtown.
  3. Thrive as a destination: Create unique Downtown experiences
  4. Be a model for inclusive growth and development: Protect diversity Downtown and be a model for equitable growth and development.
  5. Complete our streets: Make complete streets commonplace and encourage travel by foot, bike, and buses as well as cars.
  6. Park Smart: Manage parking resources to meet the needs of drivers while also making room for development and activity.
  7. Play with purpose: Create a system of all season green spaces designed for people while also having a purpose such as absorbing excess rainwater.
Suggested uses for the InFocus plan.
Source: Downtown InFocus Plan

The Downtown InFocus plan was completed in 2018 and now its time to start using this guide to keep building on the growth in Downtown! Some steps have been taken to implement ideas and strategies but there is still more that we as a community can do to keep the momentum going!

One of the proposed options for the Fargo Civic Plaza. This project came out of ideas generated from the InFocus Planning.

One way to continue to momentum is to join the conversation! Keep talking about the plan and keep generating ideas that turn into action. One such group who is diving into the plan is the Do It All Downtown group. Their goal for this year is to meet on a semi-regular basis and at each meeting, they will be talking through each of the 7 goals in the Infocus plan. Their meetings are open to the public and they host a moderated roundtable filled with Downtown leaders, residents, business owners, advocates and more! The next meeting will be on May 8th, 2019 and the topic will be “Growing as a business center”. Learn more about this Do it all Downtown event and more to come at

To learn more about the Downtown Fargo InFocus and its creation visit:

Or download the completed comprehensive plan here:

The future of Downtown is bright and we can only reach our full potential by working together. Learn more about the InFocus plan and join the conversation to keep us moving towards a beautiful, vibrant, and inviting Downtown we can all be proud of.

A Downtown Fargo enthusiast who turned her passion for the area into a full time job. Sharing her love for downtown with you so that Downtown Fargo can become your neighborhood, no matter where you live.

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