Things We Lost in the Fire: Deb Marquart (Luminous Moment: Performance)

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Sunday, August 6th
2:00 - Public Event at the McLeod Schoolhouse -Performance by Deb Marquart:

“Things We Lost in the Fire: A Meditation on Resilience & Patient Tenacity”

Description: In 1980, Marquart was a performing musician, traveling around the Midwest with her six-piece rock band when the unimaginable happened—the truck of equipment containing all her band’s instrument and gear was destroyed by fire. Out of this personal catastrophe, Marquart devised a strategy for going on—something she calls “patient tenacity”—which is more of a process than an end-in-and-of itself. At the McLeod Schoolhouse, Marquart will read from her developing book The Listening Room, which she describes as a “is a meditation on the pleasures and privileges of singing, an autobiography of dreaming and catastrophe, and a treatise on the lost art of listening.” She will also perform some of her own music.

3:00 - Group disperses in each their own direction

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