North Dakota Museum of Art Traveling Exhibit, “Beyond Home”

Please join us at the Spirit Room for the exhibit and reception of the North Dakota Museum of Art’s permanent collection titled “Beyond Home” a traveling exhibit part of the NDMoA’s Rural Arts Program.

Home is where we live and for most of us the place where we are most comfortable. Beyond Home is everywhere else. This exhibition is drawn from the North Dakota Museum of Art’s permanent collection. It is artwork the Museum holds in trust for the people of North Dakota. There are artists from ten foreign countries as well as three United States citizens who make art about life in other countries. Quite often they use visual language (art) to explore historical events and how they impact human life. Art is one of the humanities, which along with such fields as law, philosophy, history and literature, studies how people process and document the human experience. What does it mean to be human is the overriding issue for many artists in this show.

“Beyond Home” is made possible through the North Dakota Museum of Art’s Rural Arts Initiative and funding in part by North Dakota Council on the Arts and the Arts Partnership.

Who: Open to the public

Cost:  Free

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